IGF Community Public Consultation: Taking stock of the 2018 work programme and 13th IGF and suggestions for 2019 and 14th IGF



IGF Public Consultation: Call for Inputs - Taking stock
  • 2018 work programme & community intersessional activities 
  • 2018 IGF Annual Meeting
  • 2019 work programme & community intersessional activities
  • 2019 IGF Annual Meeting

All IGF stakeholders are invited to submit inputs to the IGF Secretariat related to the following questions. All inputs will be posted on the IGF website.  Please be as concrete as possible. Please also state your name, stakeholder group, region, organization, and whether you are submitting  in your individual capacity.

A) Taking Stock of 2018 programming, outputs, preparatory process, community intersessional activities and the 13th annual IGF: What worked well? What worked not so well?

B) What suggestions for improvements could be made for 2019? (Please focus on programming, the outputs preparatory processes, community intersessional activities and improvements for the 14th annual meeting and beyond.)

C) How could the IGF respond to the recommendations made by the UN  Secretary-General during his speech at the IGF 2018 Opening Ceremony

D) How could the IGF respond to President Macron’s “call for action” made during his speech at the IGF 2018 Opening Ceremony?

E) What other organizations/disciplines should the IGF be collaborating with and how/to what purpose?

F) The Secretary-General set up a High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation  (HLPDC) to “identify good examples and propose modalities for working cooperatively across sectors, disciplines and borders to address challenges in the digital age”

  1.  How can the IGF contribute to the work of the HLPDC to help foster these aims?
  2.  Do you have any specific inputs for the HLPDC in relation to the IGF?

All inputs should be  sent to takingstock [at] intgovforum [dot] org by 21 January 2019. Submissions will be made public on the IGF website.

The Secretariat will produce a synthesis paper of all contributions received by the deadline, which will serve as an input to the 1st face-to-face Open Consultations and MAG Meeting of the 2019  IGF preparatory process.