Mr. Karim, Attoumani Mohamed

Karim holds a Master's Degree in Telecoms Engineering and Pre-doctorate Diploma in ICT ‎Regulation, both from the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antananarivo (Madagascar), a ‎Master degree in Integration of ICT in Education from University of Montreal (Canada). He is ‎now the (1) Project Management Officer & Regulatory Project Manager, and (2) Health, Safety ‎and Environment Manager at Telecom Comores SA, a branch of Axian group (www.axian-‎‎

Involved in the development of ICT sector in Comoros for more than 10 years, specifically for ‎the effective liberalization of the ICT sector. His Master research project was used as ‎regulatory framework base that led to the first ICT Law in Comoros in 2009.‎

His professional career extends from the University of Antananarivo and Comoros as teacher, ‎IT Assistant at UNICEF Comoros, Head of departments (Networks and Services, Studies and ‎Projects) at ICT Regulatory Authority, coordinator of a World Bank program on infrastructure ‎development and the establishment of a competitive ICT environment in Comoros.‎

He had represented Comoros in various international and regional institutions including ‎COMESA, ITU as Indicators Focal Point and Statistics, in the Governmental Advisory ‎Committee (GAC) ICANN as Comoros Representative, UNECA Focal Point.‎

He discovered the world of internet governance as part of the first promotion of ISOC's Next ‎Generation Leaders (NGL) program (2010) on Internet Governance coupled with some policy ‎research especially on the Evaluation of the e-government status in Comoros. African School ‎on IG 2016, IG trainer with the EU-AUC PRIDA project on Internet governance for Africa. ‎

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