NRIs Coordination Session

What is the NRIs Coordination Session hosted at the annual IGF?
It is an established practice that the NRIs summarize the work year at the end of each IGF annual meeting, and describe goals achieved, challenges and suggestions for the next IGF cycle and beyond. The NRIs Coordination Session is an open work meeting of the NRIs, with the representatives of the global IGF and wider IGF community. Its agenda, format and other related details are planned in advance by the NRIs, in an open, inclusive and bottom-up manner.

The main objectives of this session, as outlined in the NRIs session Guidelines, are:

  • To meet in one place and identify achieved goals, challenges and suggest ways for improvements: collectively and individually;
  • To facilitate the above-indicated by exchanging inputs between the NRIs themselves, and between the NRIs, the Chair of the MAG, UN DESA, IGF Secretariat, traditional supporters of the NRIs and all other interested stakeholders;; 
  • To plan the next year’s work.

The collaborative session engages NRIs from different regions, but also many individual and institutional stakeholders. Its format is interactive and dialogue-based. 

The informal gatherings of NRIs started at early stages of the IGF. These gatherings evolved toward a more formalized format, known as the coordination session, since 2015. So far, the NRIs coordination sessions were hosted in Brazil in 2015, in Mexico at IGF 2016, Switzerland at IGF 2017, France at IGF 2018, Germany at IGF 2019 (see image left), online during IGF 2020, in Poland at IGF 2021 and in Ethiopia at IGF 2022. As with all NRIs coordination sessions, its topic and overall format planning by the NRIs, on a consensus basis.

About NRIs Coordination Session Planning 

Who is planning the session? The session is planned by the NRIs network through the NRIs working group called the NRIs Task Force, composed of NRIs coordinators and representatives designated by the NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees. One NRIs can have more than one designated representative, should the committee decides so. The IGF Secretariat's NRIs Focal Point needs to be informed about this decision by the NRIs coordinator. The Focal Point will then subscribe designated representatives, as members of the NRIs Task Force, to the Task Force mailing list. As soon as it is formed, members of the NRIs Task Force will be made available on this page.

How it is planned? The planning is done through regular (bi)monthly meetings over a dedicated mailing list. The group's advice is brought to the attention of the entire NRIs network via the NRIs mailing list for final endorsement. The NRIs mailing list is open to everyone to subscribe and is the best way to stay informed about all NRIs-related activities. All planning meetings are communicated through the central NRIs mailing list.

Can anyone join the work? The IGF is an open and friendly collaborative space for everyone. Observers are most welcome to join the Task Force by approaching the IGF Secretariat with a request. However, the decisions are made by the NRIs-designated representatives.

What is the NRIs Coordination Session topic and format? The topic, format as well as all other related logistics are yet to be decided by the NRIs Task Force. On this page, the work of the Task Force will be documented through summary reports and other forms of output documents. 

Given the accelerating role digital technologies have for achieving sustainable development and the importance of having strong and democratic discussion process for shaping of public digital policies on local levels embodied through the NRIs, this session stands in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).