Social Media at IGF 2014

Participate in IGF 2014 online via the following social media:

Official accounts:


Twitter: @intgovforum

Community-wide hashtag: #IGF2014





Want to make sure people see your IGF-related tweets and Facebook posts? Use the official hashtag:


If you are tweeting a workshop, use the hashtag format: #WS<workshop number>. For example, #WS101

See also other hashtags you may also want consider using for workshops and main sessions.


Other hashtags you may also want consider using for workshops and main sessions

Note that, where possible, hashtags already used in Internet governance social media have been used.


Internet access (including enabling policies)


Accountability in Internet governance; ICANN’s accountability process


Critical Internet Resources


Digital trust; cybersecurity


Evolution of the Internet Governance Ecosystem and the Role of the IGF


Internet and Human Rights


Transtion of NTIA’s stewardship role over the IANA functions


Internet governance for development/Policies Enabling Access, Growth and Development on the Internet


Setting the Scene: Topical Insight and Debate Related to the Subthemes of IGF 2014


Multistakeholder model (of Internet governance)


Internet governance


Network neutrality


IGF orientation


Taking Stock main session