The Internet We Want - Human Rights in the digital space to accelerate the SDGs

Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (05:00 UTC) - Thursday, 12th October, 2023 (06:30 UTC)
Main Hall

Main Session of the Dynamic Coalitions

As an active and growing community in the IGF ecosystem that is dedicated to various Internet governance issues, the IGF Dynamic Coalitions (DC) organise again this year a DC main session at the IGF. While the individual DC sessions organised at the IGF focus on a specific area of expertise and topic of their choice, the main session is based on a common theme that touches upon the work of every Dynamic Coalition and that is of broad interest to the public. 

Like the global IGF, Dynamic Coalitions all adhere to the main IGF principles of being whole and open; universal and inclusive; free-flowing and trustworthy; safe and secure; and rights-respecting with multi stakeholder participation in line with a bottom-up decision-making process. Through substantive activities, Dynamic Coalitions enrich conversations around the Internet we want by benefiting from academic research, policy analysis, and lived experiences of numerous communities. Being dynamic not only in their name and title but also in their nature Dynamic Coalitions benefit from their work on the pulse of time in all areas related to the Internet thus being able to address the challenges associated with rapidly evolving innovations in the digital area.

In light of this year’s IGF 2023 theme “The Internet We Want - Empowering All People”, the DC main session will focus on the community’s role and the dynamic nature of DCs to contribute to human rights in the digital space. The aim of the main session is to showcase the substantial contribution of the Dynamic Coalitions towards the Internet we want to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

While the DCs own areas of focus might differ, the discussions very often concern similar topics. The structural advantages of Dynamic Coalitions help achieve the same mission and vision within the IGF: to bring people together as equals, inform policymakers with useful current findings, and address evolving Internet opportunities and risks. In line with the five sub-themes of the paper issued by the IGF Leadership Panel “The Internet We Want”, this DC main session will showcase the expertise of the community towards achieving the Internet we want, especially through its unique structure and bottom-up approach that empowers all people.


Lisa Petrides, DC Open Educational Resources

Muhammad Shabbir, DC on Accessibility and Disability    

Alejandro PisantyDC Core Internet Values

Maarten Botterman, DC on the Internet-of-Things

Yasmin Curzi, DC on Platform Responsibility


Jutta Croll, DC-Children's Rights and DC co-facilitator

Markus Kummer, DC co-facilitator



Priya Shukla, DC on Internet & Jobs

Stephen Wyber, DC on Public Access in Libraries