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To Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Initiatives (NRIs) , and especially Youth NRIs:

YCIG is pleased to return to a regular schedule with biweekly updates. These updates are specifically designed to provide news, events, and opportunities of interest to youth who are eager to participate in the field of Internet Governance. 

Following an intensive period facilitating youth-led workshop proposals, YCIG continues to recognize and highlight the significant contributions made by young leaders in this dynamic sphere. 

As the biweekly updates proceed, YCIG's commitment remains firm to bringing timely and relevant information, fostering a more inclusive and youth-engaged dialogue in the IGF community. 

Please feel free to share these opportunities further and reach out to us at [email protected] if you know of any other opportunities or events that can be shared in the next update.

You can access the bi-weekly newsletter by clicking on the following link:


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