IGF 2022 High-Level Track

HIGH LEVEL EXCHANGE PANEL: Cities United: connected, green and inclusive "Monday 6 December 12.15 - 13.15 CET"

Photo of Mr. Ger Baron

Mr. Ger Baron

Chief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ger Baron is the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Amsterdam. His professional career started at Accenture, where he worked as an analyst in the consulting department. In 2007, he was hired by Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) in the role of project manager, specifically to develop and enhance the role of ICT. Baron was responsible for starting up the Amsterdam ICT-cluster and he initiated several projects in public-private partnership. Among these were a number of projects related to the development of Amsterdam’s Smart City initiative. Currently, Mr Baron is responsible for innovation, R&D and innovation partnerships within the City of Amsterdam. In addition, he serves as president of the City Protocol Society.