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The 2017 BPF on Local Content is an intersessional activity leading into the annual IGF meeting in December.
The BPF is collecting examples of projects and initiatives stimulating the creation of relevant local content and services for the local Internet user.
For its output document, the BPF is collecting examples of successful projects and initiatives that aim at
        (1)   Creating or making relevant content available for local Internet users;

        (2)   Enabling local content developers and entrepreneurs to create online content.

Contributions can be submitted via the online form:
Join the BPF in drafting its Best Practice output document.
The BPF on Local Content is engaged in an open and collaborative drafting process to produce a tangible output.
Comments on the current draft can be submitted via the mailing list or directly on the document by Friday 8 December and will be accommodated in a revised draft for further comment and discussion at the 2017 IGF meeting in Geneva (28-21 December).
Mailing List Sign-up
The BPF Local Content mailing list is open to all stakeholders interested in or with expertise on related issues.



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