IGF 2018 - Best Practice Forum on IoT, Big Data, AI - Draft Output (pre IGF)


The Best Practice Forum on Internet of Thing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence aims to be  bottom-up, open and inclusive and therefore invites all interested to comment and contribute on its draft output.

General comments as well as comments on specific parts of the report are welcome. In the later case, please  indicate clearly what section, page or paragraph of the text your comment relates toPost a comment.

Comments can be submitted by clicking on 'Add new comment' below and will be shown in the column on the right. 

Received public feedback will be taken into account in the final version of the BPF output, which will be published shortly after the IGF meeting.


BPF on IoT, Big Data, AI - draft output (download report / post a comment )

I. Introduction

  1. The IGF BPF on IoT, Big Data, AI
  2. Framing the work of the BPF IoT, Big Data, AI
  3. Objectives of the BPF output
  4. Methodology and acknowledgementII

II. An Introduction to IoT, Big Data, AI

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
    1. Internet of Things
    2. Big Data
    3. Artificial Intelligence
    4. How IoT, Big Data, and AI come together
    5. Proposed Best Practices (regardiing definitions)

III. The key role of Internet Governance

  1. Internet Governance Challenges
  2. Proposed Best Practices (regarding uses of IoT, Big Data, and AI)
  3. Role of Internet Governance with regard to IoT, Big Data and AI

IV. Stakeholder cooperation - Best practice examples and experiences in addressing Internet Governance challenges of IoT, Big Data and AI

V. Next steps ?

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