IGF 2023 Youth Track: Workshop III at APrIGF

Event Calendar Date
Wednesday, 30th August, 2023 (23:00 UTC)
Hosted by IGF Secretariat
NRI Meeting

IGF 2023 Youth Track
Workshop III
Hosted at Youth APrIGF in Brisbane, Australia 
30th August 2023 at 09:00 local time Brisbane (23:00 UTC)

Empowering Young People in navigating privacy, security and freedom in the digital universe

The Internet is the backbone of the 21st century society and is evolving at a rapid rate. It hosts various aspects of our social lives like friendships, professional networking, and dating. It enables commerce at an unprecedented scale, and has proven to be similar to public squares facilitating political & public discourse. However, these developments have also created many challenges. The advertisement based digital economy means user data is collected with little regards to privacy. Web serves as an efficient vector of security attacks. And the Internet’s potential for shaping public opinion means that more and more actors act adversarially to manipulate public opinion and control the flow of information. These challenges have impacted young people disproportionately, given they form the majority of Internet users demography, and exacerbated by their lack of representation in policy and regulatory development processes.
The session is to discuss Young People’s Human Rights online from their experiences and perspectives, as well as meeting with the experts. The privacy, security and freedom of expression is triggering young people to get involved in advocacy works and to participate in these dialogues. Online privacy, digital security, and freedom of expression have been challenging from time to time. 
In light of these issues, young people are increasingly stepping up to advocate for their human rights online and offline. They recognize the importance of digital literacy, online safety, and the responsible use of technology. 
This dialogue aims to bring together young people with experts and policymakers who can facilitate constructive discussions on how to address these challenges.

FORMAT: Interactive 60-min roundtable exchange between youth from around the world and senior experts.


  • Opening by the moderator (5 mins)
  • Welcome from the IGF Secretariat
  • Panel discussion on the following policy areas (30 mins):
    • Exploring legislation for online safety in different jurisdictions. Looking into a universal framework.
    • What can private sectors (e.g. social media platforms, tech giants etc.) do to ensure privacy and security for their users (who can also be children/teens) in order to safeguard online safety?
    • What kinds of policies can be supportive to these global citizens who need help and aid for fighting for human rights online and offline?
  • Open floor exchange (20 mins)
  • Closing remarks (5 mins)


  • Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat, NRI Focal Point (onsite)
  • Paul Clark. Safety Commissioner, Australia, Executive Manager, Education Prevention and Inclusion 
  • Joyce Chen, APNIC, Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement
  • TBC

ONSITE MODERATOR: Jenna Fung/ Luke Teoh/ Dalili Nuradli- Jenna to contact Luke and Dalila and confirm. Suggest having 2 co-moderators.
ONLINE MODERATOR: Umut Pajaro Velasquez (online) and Francisco J. Montesdeoca (online)
RAPPORTEURS: Phyo (online), Ananda Gautam, Saba Tiku (online)


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