NRI Meeting

NRI Meeting


The second edition of the SIDS IGF will take place on 28-29 May 2024 in Antigua and Barbuda. For more information, please visit

IGF NRIs Meeting IV

Topic: IGF 2024 NRIs Meeting IV
Time: Monday 22 April 2024 at 11:00 Universal Time UTC
Zoom Meeting: link available upon request

Draft Agenda:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Overview of NRIs collaborative sessions preparations (5 min)
  3. Topic and forma for NRIs coordination session (20 min)
  4. Topic and format for NRIs main session (20 min)
  5. AoB

Japan National IGF

  - Global Dialogue with Cyber Incident Responders

  - Challenges and opportunities for building reliable data flow that

    contributes to development in developing countries

  - Regulations on video-on-demand

  - International discussions on AI strategies

  - Child safety online

  - Progress of good practice of IoT

  - Strategies & roadmaps for socially, economically, environmentally

    responsible smart campuses


Lebanon IGF

 Lebanon IGF will be held on 8-9 November, 2023

Main sessions:

1- Future of the Internet in Lebanon

2- Securing our Future: The Impact of Cybersecurity on Society and Strategic Sectors

3- Internet of Behaviors (IoB): Ethical Considerations and Public Good

4- Accountability of social media platforms and necessity for maintaining a multistakeholder approach

IGF 2023 Youth Track: Workshop IV at African IGF

IGF 2023 Youth Track
Workshop IV
Hosted at the African IGF i Abuja, Nigeria
18 September 2023, 14:00-15:30 WAT (13:00-14:30 UTC)


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that uses languages as an interface to understand and shape culture and society. However, AI also poses significant challenges and risks, such as bias, opacity, misinformation, and exclusion.
These challenges are especially relevant for Africa, where data and language diversity are crucial for ensuring inclusion and empowerment. Therefore, there is a need to develop effective and ethical AI regulations and institutions that can address these challenges and harness the potential of AI for social and economic development in Africa. This dynamic session will delve beyond clichés to explore the critical intersection of ethics, inclusivity, and innovation in AI technology. With a focus on empowering African youth, the session will engage stakeholders in thought-provoking discussions, shedding light on tangible strategies for harnessing AI's potential responsibly.


FORMAT: Interactive 60-min roundtable exchange between youth from around the world and senior experts


  • Welcome & Introductions 
  • Setting the scene by expert speaker around the following policy questions:
    • How can we balance promoting innovation and safeguarding the privacy and personal data of young people in the context of AI technologies?
    • What are the potential risks and challenges associated with the use of AI in the digital landscape for youth, and how can ethical guidelines and policies help mitigate these risks?
    • What are the potential economic and societal implications of advancing ethical AI for youth in terms of job opportunities, education, and social inclusion, and how can policy frameworks address these implications?
    • How can we ensure the transparency, accountability, and ethical standards of AI systems in Africa, while respecting the diversity, autonomy, and sovereignty of local communities and stakeholders?
    • How can we balance the need for transparency and accountability of AI systems with the protection of trade secrets and intellectual property rights of AI developers and providers in Africa, especially in the context of regulatory sandboxes?
  • Open Discussion 
  • Closing Remarks


  • Introduction: Anja Gengo, UN IGF Secretariat 
  • Diana Nyakundi- AI Policy Researcher
  • Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola- Cybersecurity Expert
  • Sabelo Archibald Zimu - South Africa Youth IGF


  • Saba Tiku Beyene
  • Afi EDOH


  • Akinremi Peter Taiwo
  • Gabriel Karsan
  • Athanase Bahizire

Register to participate:

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IGF 2023 Youth Track: Workshop II at Youth LACIGF

IGF 2023 Youth Track
Workshop II
Hosted at Youth LACIGF in Cartagena, Colombia
28 August 2023 at 14:15 UTC


The advancement of technology and the increasing reliance on digital infrastructure have brought several benefits to society. However, this digital transformation also presents new challenges, particularly in cybersecurity. As we approach the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023, it is imperative to recognize the importance of capacity development in cybersecurity for everyone, especially young people. Enhancing their skills in cybersecurity emerges as a critical pillar for a secure and inclusive digital future. By investing in their knowledge, we equip them with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of cyberspace, contribute to internet governance discussions, and address the evolving cybersecurity challenges.
Cybersecurity capacity building (CCB) to ensure sustainable growth includes initiatives such as digital skills training programs, awareness campaigns, and the development of technical infrastructure to improve cybersecurity. It can also involve the establishment of new policies, regulations, and legal frameworks to support cybersecurity efforts inside and between nations. By enhancing their cybersecurity capacity, both countries and organizations can bolster their ability to safeguard their citizens, customers, and crucial infrastructure against the ever-evolving, boundaryless cyber threats. That’s why the rising number of cyberattacks creates the urgency of giving young people the necessary skills safeguarding digital systems and face several cybersecurity threats, including cyberbullying, cyber predators, and exposure to harmful online content through apps, social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or be a victim of these activities. This will allow them not only to ensure their cybersecurity at a digital citizenship level but also helps a minimum set of tools of cybersecurity as a country, especially for those which aren’t strong enough due to their limited network security measures, legal frameworks, and institutional capacities. 
Young people can build their capacity for cybersecurity through several programs, processes and initiatives made for them. For example, the European Union Institute for Security Studies, the Oxford Global Cybersecurity Capacity Center (GCSCC), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Potomac Institute, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) are examples of how young people can be involved in government teams that respond to national cybersecurity incidents, helping countries design and run public awareness campaigns about staying safe online, and in pieces of training to the police on how to investigate cybercrime.
In conclusion, capacity development in cybersecurity for youth plays a decisive role in promoting digital literacy. This knowledge could equip them to make informed decisions, adopt secure practices, have critical thinking in cybersecurity and protect themselves, their families, and others online. It also prepares them for the political support needed for consensus on how to implement the norms and principles for responsible policymakers’ behavior, becoming one way to ensure that the interests of all nations are reflected in the discussion of cybersecurity by linking it to the Sustainable Development Goals and maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise by fostering networking opportunities and creating platforms for information exchange and multistakeholderism. This collaborative approach not only enhances their skills but also strengthens the global cybersecurity community, also fosters a culture of collective responsibility towards safeguarding the Internet, as the Internet Governance Forum and the upcoming Global Digital Compact expect it.

FORMAT: Interactive 60-min roundtable exchange between youth from around the world and senior experts


  • Opening by the moderator and welcome from the IGF Secretariat (5 mins)
  • Panel discussion on the following policy areas (30 mins):
    • How can we enhance our cyber hygiene to strengthen our daily cyber security capacity building and engage the community in order to make them realize the importance of taking care of their own online spaces?
    • How can we develop mechanisms for young people to participate in the policy making process related to cybersecurity ? 
    • How could the emergence of new technologies such as AI or quantum computing affect the Cybersecurity Capacity Building? 
    • How can we integrate Cyber Security capacity building for tyoung people into the educational system to promote digital literacy and inclusion by understanding the pros and cons of being online? What are the key challenges and opportunities in this area?
  • Q&A and Roundtable discussion (20 mins)
  • Closing remarks (5 mins)


IGF 2023 Youth Track: Workshop III at APrIGF

IGF 2023 Youth Track
Workshop III
Hosted at Youth APrIGF in Brisbane, Australia 
30th August 2023 at 09:00 local time Brisbane (23:00 UTC)

Empowering Young People in navigating privacy, security and freedom in the digital universe

The Internet is the backbone of the 21st century society and is evolving at a rapid rate. It hosts various aspects of our social lives like friendships, professional networking, and dating. It enables commerce at an unprecedented scale, and has proven to be similar to public squares facilitating political & public discourse. However, these developments have also created many challenges. The advertisement based digital economy means user data is collected with little regards to privacy. Web serves as an efficient vector of security attacks. And the Internet’s potential for shaping public opinion means that more and more actors act adversarially to manipulate public opinion and control the flow of information. These challenges have impacted young people disproportionately, given they form the majority of Internet users demography, and exacerbated by their lack of representation in policy and regulatory development processes.
The session is to discuss Young People’s Human Rights online from their experiences and perspectives, as well as meeting with the experts. The privacy, security and freedom of expression is triggering young people to get involved in advocacy works and to participate in these dialogues. Online privacy, digital security, and freedom of expression have been challenging from time to time. 
In light of these issues, young people are increasingly stepping up to advocate for their human rights online and offline. They recognize the importance of digital literacy, online safety, and the responsible use of technology. 
This dialogue aims to bring together young people with experts and policymakers who can facilitate constructive discussions on how to address these challenges.

FORMAT: Interactive 60-min roundtable exchange between youth from around the world and senior experts.


  • Opening by the moderator (5 mins)
  • Welcome from the IGF Secretariat
  • Panel discussion on the following policy areas (30 mins):
    • Exploring legislation for online safety in different jurisdictions. Looking into a universal framework.
    • What can private sectors (e.g. social media platforms, tech giants etc.) do to ensure privacy and security for their users (who can also be children/teens) in order to safeguard online safety?
    • What kinds of policies can be supportive to these global citizens who need help and aid for fighting for human rights online and offline?
  • Open floor exchange (20 mins)
  • Closing remarks (5 mins)


  • Anja Gengo, IGF Secretariat, NRI Focal Point (onsite)
  • Paul Clark. Safety Commissioner, Australia, Executive Manager, Education Prevention and Inclusion 
  • Joyce Chen, APNIC, Senior Advisor for Strategic Engagement
  • TBC

ONSITE MODERATOR: Jenna Fung/ Luke Teoh/ Dalili Nuradli- Jenna to contact Luke and Dalila and confirm. Suggest having 2 co-moderators.
ONLINE MODERATOR: Umut Pajaro Velasquez (online) and Francisco J. Montesdeoca (online)
RAPPORTEURS: Phyo (online), Ananda Gautam, Saba Tiku (online)


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IGF 2023 Youth Track Workshop I

[You Are Invited]

Please join us for the first capacity development workshop of the IGF 2023 Youth Track hosted at EuroDIG!

Nurturing Digital Well-being
Addressing the Impact of the Digital Environment on Youth Mental Health

19 June 2023 at 12:30 UTC | Tampere, Finland, and Online via Zoom*
*To access the Zoom links, please register for EuroDIG on to receive a personalized access link.

Through dialogue between youth and senior stakeholders, a network of Youth IGF coordinators will explore the impact of the digital environment on the mental health of young people and discuss policy measures to mitigate potential negative effects. Experts who will set the stage are Ms. Jutta Croll, Chair of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety; and Ms. Emilia Zalewska from Polish Youth IGF and Youth Coalition on Internet governance. Many Youth IGF coordinators and other stakeholders will also share their views.
This is the very first capacity development workshop leading to the IGF 2023 Global Youth Summit in Kyoto, Japan.

We look forward to connecting with you onsite in Tampere or via Zoom. Please be free to share this invite with your networks.

NRIs Meeting V

Topic: IGF 2023 NRIs Meeting V

Time: May 22, 2023 13:00 Universal Time UTC (60 min duration)

Zoom Meeting link communicated through the NRIs mailing list

Draft Agenda:

1.    Welcome and introductions – 5 min

2.    NRIs main session: policy questions to address and timeline – 40 min

3.    Overview of who signed for the NRIs collaborative sessions – 10 min

4.    AoB – 5 min


NRIs Meeting III

Topic: IGF 2023 NRIs Meeting III
Time: 27 Mar 2023 at 15:00 Universal Time (UTC) 

  1. Welcome and introductions (5 min)
  2. Topics for NRIs main and collaborative sessions (45 min)
  3. Updates from WSIS 2023 and ICANN76 (5 min)
  4. AoB (5 min)

NRIs Meeting II

The second planning meeting of the NRIs network will be hosted online on 20 February 2023 at 10:00 UTC. 

Draft agenda:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Finalization of NRIs 2023 work plan and next steps in implementing it
  3. Briefing on the 1st IGF 2023 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting
  4. AoB

For questions about this meeting, open to all, please contact the IGF Secretariat. 

China IGF

The national IGF of China will host its 2022 annual meeting on 29 December 2022 in Beijing and online. The main theme of the meeting is ''Enhancing digital cooperation and co-building digital civilization towards a shared digital future''. 


India IGF


The second edition of the India IGF will be held 9-11 December 2022. The opening and concluding ceremonies will be onsite, while the rest of the sessions will be held online.

The overall theme for IIGF2022 is India Internet Governance Forum: Leveraging Techade for Empowering Bharat.

The workshop and discussions are based on the following five sub themes:

  1. Fostering Digital Innovation towards economic progress
  2. Public Digital Platforms
  3. Reaching the unreached
  4. Building Trust, Resilience, Safety & Security
  5. Internet Regulation

Besides the opening and closing sessions, there will be 2 high level panels, 2 main sessions, 3 fireside chats, 17 workshops and 3 flash talks. There will be two panels discussing issues related to South Asia.

Click here to register!

For more information and updates, please visit: IIGF - Home

Mozambique IGF

This year's meeting of the Mozambique IGF will be held 8-9 December in hybrid format. The meeting will review and bring together work from the provincial meetings held in Maputo, Sofala, and Cabo Delgado, as well as the global IGF

To follow online, please visit: Meeting Registration - Zoom.

For more information and updates, please visit: FGIMZ

Ukraine IGF

The 13th meeting of the Ukraine IGF will be held 24-25 November 2022 online (simultaneous English translation will be provided).

Discussions will focus on the following topics:

  • Cyber security in the conditions of war
  • Ukraine is a digital hub
  • The formation of the Ukrainian Internet community within the framework of global processes
  • Fragmentation of the Internet
  • Dialogue between international and I*-organizations and Ukraine
  • Obligations of Ukraine to the EU regarding the integration of Ukraine into the Single Digital Market of the EU and the progress of their implementation
  • ISOC UA and Ukraine’s participation in the implementation of ISOC Active Plan 2022-2023
  • Digital rights of users and prospects of decentralized Internet services in Ukraine and the world in conditions of dominance of technological giants

Please register here.

For more information and updates, please visit: Ukraine IGF 2022.

Spain IGF

The 14th meeting of the Spain IGF will take place 16-17 November 2022 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación in Madrid and online. The theme of this year's meeting is Internet resiliente para un futuro sostenible y común. 

To participate online, please register at: Spain IGF 2022 Registration

For more information and updates, please visit: Spain IGF 2022.

Asia Pacific Youth IGF

The 2022 meeting of the Asia Pacific Youth IGF will take place 10-11 September. Participants are welcome to attend in person at the National Library Board in Singapore or online. This year's overarching theme is 'Youth@Crossroads: Trusting in a Common Future With No One Left Behind'.

For more information and updates, please visit: YIGF 2022

Bolivia IGF

This year's meeting of the Bolivia IGF will take place 8-10 December 2022. Proposed sessions include: 

  • Transformación Digital en Bolivia: Luces y sombras
  • Sectores vulnerables y nuevas amenazas en línea
  • La Inteligencia Artificial regulada con inteligencia humana
  • Desafíos de la Gobernanza en Internet en la región
  • Políticas necesarias e innovadoras que permitan avanzar hacia el acceso universal en Bolivia

For more information and updates, please visit: Bolivia IGF 2022

Portugal IGF

The 9th edition of the Portugal IGF will take place on 3 November 2022 at the PT headquarters in the Barra Barra building in Lisbon. This year's overarching theme is, 'All connected. A secure, resilient and sustainable internet’. The programme will focus on connectivity and the protection of human rights; on trust, security and sustainability; in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and in the future that is expected for the Portuguese language in the digital age. The event is organized by PT, ANACOM, the National Cybersecurity Center, DECO, the Foundation for Science and Technology, and the Internet Management Committee in Brazil, with the objective of analysing and sharing the different ideas about how the internet should be managed and used.

The event is free, but subject to prior registration, which can be done here.

For more information and updates please visit:

Australia IGF

This year's Australia IGF will be held fully online on 27 and 28 October 2022. The meeting's title is 'More Resilient Together' and discussions will revolve around the following four topics:  

  • Trust and security
  • Internet for a resilient world
  • Inclusion and accessibility
  • Economic growth and development 

For more information and updates please visit: Internet Governance Forum - NetThing

Colombia IGF

Del 2 al 3 de noviembre de 2022 la Mesa Colombiana de Gobernanza de Internet realizará el 9º Foro Colombiano de Gobernanza de Internet. El primer día se realizarán talleres sobre Gobernanza de Internet, dirigido especialmente para los que asisten por primera vez. El segundo día, en el marco del foro se abordarán temas como:

  • Entorno habilitador para el acceso
  • Modelo de múltiples partes interesadas y gobernanza digital
  • Tecnologías digitales emergentes
  • Derechos digitales.

El primer día, 2 de Noviembre se ofrecerán los talleres de:

  • Modelo de Múltiples partes interesadas

  • Seguridad Digital

  • Tratamiento de datos e inteligencia artificial

  • Identidad digital

El Foro será híbrido y tendrá lugar en el Teatro Ripio ubicado en la Calle 34 # 13-28 en la ciudad de Bogotá y a través de la Plataforma Zoom y YouTube.
El evento contará con transmisión en vivo desde el sitio del evento en
Foro de Gobernanza (
El evento contará con interpretación con lenguaje de señas.


The 9th meeting of the Colombia Internet Governance Forum will be held in hybrid form 2-3 November 2022. On the first day there will be workshops on Internet governance, especially for those attending for the first time. On the second day, the forum will address topics such as:

  • Enabling environment for access 
  • Multistakeholder model and digital governance 
  • Emerging digital technologies
  • Digital Rights

On the first day, 2 November, workshops will be offered on:

  • The multistakeholder model
  • Digital security
  • Data processing and artificial intelligence 
  • Digital identity 

The event will place at the Ripio Theatre at Calle 34 # 13-28 in Bogota. It will be streamed live from the event site at: Foro de Gobernanza (

The event will have sign language interpretation. 

Workshop at Finnish IGF: Internet governance going forward

Join us  at Finnish IGF 2022!


Finnish IGF 2022
Internet governance going forward
Thursday 29 September 2022 | 12:00-13:30 UTC

Join us
(see the time in your time zone)

Almost two decades after the initial World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and the convening of the IGF, much of digital policy and related processes have changed. Many communities felt inspired by the IGF and started their own national and regional IGFs. Among them, EuroDIG, as the regional IGF for Europe, and the Finnish Internet Forum (FIF), have been running their processes for years.

The IGF has been at the centre of the UN Secretary-General’s digital agenda. In his Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, he called for advancing the IGF by introducing the high-level multistakeholder body, recently announced as the IGF Leadership Panel. Calls for changes continue. For example, in the Secretary-General’s Our Common Agenda Report, it is called for the IGF to ‘’adapt, innovate and reform’’ and designing a Global Digital Compact (GDC) was proposed. What are these changes about and what are the areas the GDC will focus on? Would it reflect the contemporary digital policy issues? What does our digital future look like? These questions and more will be discussed during this session.

Russia IGF


The 12th meeting of the Russia IGF will take place on 28-29 September 2022 online. Topics that will be discussed include: development of the Global Digital Compact proposed by the UN Secretary-General, Internet regulation, the role of digital platforms in ensuring the right to access information, censorship, and new technologies in EdTech.  

For more information and updates please visit: RIGF - Home.


Ecuador IGF


This year's meeting of the Ecuador IGF will take place in hybrid format on 26 October 2022. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Modalidad: Presencial y Virtual
Lugar: CIEEPI Daniel Hidalgo y 10 de Agosto Quito
Fecha: Miércoles 26 de Octubre de 2022
Horario: 09h00 - 13h00
La 17ª reunión anual del IGF Global será en esta oportunidad en Etiopía en Addis Ababa del 28 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre de 2022 con el tema global de: Internet resiliente para un futuro común, sostenible y compartido.
En Ecuador CON LA AGENDA ADJUNTA, tendremos un evento presencial en el Colegio de Ingenieros Electricos y Electrónicos, CIEEPI, en Quito y Virtual para el resto del país.
Enlace para INSCRIBIRSE al evento virtual:
Luego de la inscripción, recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación con información para unirse al IGF ECUADOR 2022 por Zoom.
Si estás en Quito te invitamos a participar presencialmente y a compartir un café y un refrigerio con nosotros en el Colegio de Ingenieros Eléctricos y Electrónicos de Pichincha, CIEEPI.

Chad IGF


The sixth annual meeting of the Chad IGF will take place on 10 August 2022 in hybrid form. This year's meeting is titled 'A Resilient and Accessible Internet for All'. Participants are welcome to join in person at the Radisson Blu in N'Djamena. 

For more information and updates, please see:

A live stream of the event will be provided at:

The Zoom registration link is:




This year's UK IGF meeting will be held in hybrid format on 1 November 2022 at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in London. The meeting will be hosted under the overarching theme of Resilient Internet for a Shared Sustainable and Common Future, featuring sessions on encryption, online harms, and digital inequality. 


For more information please see: UK IGF 2022 - UK IGF.




The first ever Youth IGF-USA meeting will be held virtually on 20 July 2022, preceding the IGF-USA main meeting on 21 July 2022. The event aims to give its young participants an overview of Internet Governance and its current challenges, as well as a networking opportunity with other young professions.


For more information and updates please see: Youth IGF-USA 2022 | IGF-USA (


Small Island Developing States IGF


The inaugural meeting of the Small Island Developing States IGF (25-26 August 2022) will be held jointly with this year's virtual Caribbean IGF meeting (24-26 August 2022). The idea for a SIDS IGF was forwarded by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union in 2021 and gained much support given that SIDS worldwide share similar development challenges related to Internet governance. 


For more information and updates please see: 18th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum and Caribbean Youth IGF Workshop in collaboration with Small Island Developing States (SIDS) IGF – Caribbean Telecommunications Union (


Uganda IGF

The 2022 Uganda IGF will take place on 8 November at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala. The title of this year's meeting is 'A Resilient and United Digital Inclusion for all Ugandans'. 

For more information and updates, please visit: Uganda IGF 2022.

Chad IGF

Chad IGF
The national IGF of Chad will host its annual meeting on 13-14 July 2022 in N'Djamena. The main theme is ''A Resilient and Accessible Internet for All''. For more information, please visit

Youth African IGF

The Youth African IGF is hosted on 18 July 2022 in Lilongwe, Malawi. As part of this meeting, the second capacity development workshop of the IGF Youth Track is hosted (10-11 UTC), details below. 
More information about the African Youth IGF is available here


The second capacity development workshop hosted at the Youth African IGF

18 July 2022 | 10:00-11:00 UTC
Malawi, Lilongwe and online

Digital Transformation for Better Future for All - are we all given the same start chance?
Connectivity as a prerequisite to digital transformation



We are living in a time when each and every aspect of our lives is going through digital transformation, from education and work to communication and entertainment. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted ‎the power and importance of digital technologies. While the physical distancing measures associated with ‎the pandemic have closed schools across the world, disrupted people’s ability to work and forced families ‎and friends to stay apart, the Internet has enabled many to continue their education and jobs and ‎maintain social interaction.‎
However, the increase in the use of online technologies prompted by COVID-19 has exacerbated many ‎digital policy-related issues and has starkly illustrated the widening gap between the connected and ‎unconnected. For example, it has highlighted the importance of issues related to online security and ‎safety, data protection and utilisation, as well as freedoms and rights on the Internet. Even before the ‎pandemic, there was broad recognition of the need to conquer the digital divide, particularly the gender ‎digital divide, as well as online segregation and discrimination of various marginalised groups. These ‎problems have been around ever since the Internet entered our lives, just over 50 years ago, and the ‎complexity and global nature of the issues require the involvement of multiple generations. The ‎youth of today will be tomorrow’s Internet leaders and experts. The sooner we start developing the capacity of today’s youth, the sooner we can start to make progress, across the generations, and create an Internet that benefits all. ‎

About this session
Building on the demand from young people, as well as on the outputs of the last year’s Global Youth Summit and related youth engagement opportunities, the IGF 2022 aims at creating a set of activities to connect youth from around the world among themselves, and also create opportunities for them to network with senior stakeholders, experts in Internet governance. As digital transformation was among the topics of interest to youth, the capacity development activities will also tackle specific issues nested under this broad theme.
As a follow-up to the first capacity development workshop organized at EuroDIG in which digital transformation was unpacked, this workshop will outline the implications connectivity and access have as a prerequisite for digital transformation.


  • 10:00 UTC - Opening and launching a poll
  • 10:10 UTC - High-level overview on the topic: Connectivity and access as a prerequisite of digital transformation
  • 10:20 UTC - Open discussion
  • 10:45 UTC - Summary of key action points 
  • 11:00 UTC - Closing 

Our Digital Future workshop at African IGF

The second capacity development workshop as part of the series of workshops ''Our Digital Future'' will be hosted online and onsite at the African IGF in Lilongwe, Malawi on 19 July 2022 at 16:10 CEST/CAT (14:10 UTC) 

The workshop focuses on ''Principles and policies to build Artificial Intelligence responsibly from research to practice'' and features several expert speakers.

Click here to learn more about the workshop and participate online or onsite! 

The Gambia IGF

The national IGF of The Gambia will host its annual meeting on 14 and 15 June 2022. The meeting will be hosted in a hybrid format . For more information, please visit the following websites:

  • Registration:  
  • Livestream: 
  • Programme:

West African IGF

The West Africa Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) will be hosted in Accra, Ghana, from the 26-27 May 2022 in a hybrid format. WAIGF 2022 aims to promote Internet Governance issues in West Africa through a multi-stakeholder process. More information is available at

NRIs Meeting V

The fifth planning meeting of collective work of national, sub-regional, regional and youth IGFs (NRIs) will take place online on 25 April 2022 at 13:00 UTC. 


1.    Welcome and introductions – 2 min

2.    Debrief from EGM – 10 min

3.    NRIs Collaborative Sessions: finalizing five topics and planning the next steps – 30 min

4.    NRIs main session: update – 5 min

5.    Other updates from IGF Secretariat and NRIs – 10 min

6.    AoB


Join Zoom Meeting: 


NRIs Meeting V

The fifth planning meeting of the national, regional and youth IGFs willl focus on:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Financial sustainability of the NRIs – 30 min
  3. Review of suggestions for the NRIs coordination session and main session – 15 min
  4. Review of the agenda for the Second IGF 2021 Open Consultations and MAG meeting and briefing package on NRIs for the meeting – 10 min
  5. Update: IGF 2021 at EuroDIG and West African IGF – 5 min
  6. AOB

NRIs Planning Meeting IV

IGF 2021 NRIs Planning Meeting IV

Proposed draft agenda:

1.    Welcome and introductions

2.    NRIs Call for thematic inputs: preliminary results and next steps

3.    IGF 2021 preparatory phase and NRIs engagement

4.    Approving NRIs brochure for briefing of parliaments

5.    How does the NRIs landscape look like for 2021? Update from the Secretariat

6.    AoB

Road to IGF 2021 Webinar: Ethics in Technology and the Internet

While preparing for the 16th IGF in Poland, the IGF 2021 Host Country and Youth IGF of Poland, together with several supporting partners, are hosting a webinar on the topic of ethics on the Internet. More information and the registration are available here…


Live-stream the webinar via 


EuroDIG 2021 will take place from 28-30 June 2021. This includes a Day 0 in which organizations and initiatives can present their work, and engage with the community, followed by two full days of multistakeholder workshops and high-level debates. The Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YOUthDIG) will also be hosted on 28 June.

The main EuroDIG's theme is: Into Europe's Digital Decade. More information is available at



The national, regional, subregional and youth IGF initiatives (NRIs) are autonomous IGF-like processes organised in 134 countries and regions. Collectively, the NRIs work throughout the year on bringing national and regional specificities on Internet governance to global Internet governance ecosystem.

Join the open meeting with the NRIs and contribute with your ideas on how to strengthen the stakeholder engagement across all NRIs, especially with governments and legislators, as well as how to support better the youth IGFs. The concept of the NRIs observatory will also be discussed. The IGF Secretariat will facilitate a dialogue in a context of the IGF Mandate and the Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation.



16 December 2020 at 14:00 UTC (90 min duration)

Register through the following link to receive your Zoom link:…;



  1. Welcome and Introduction (5 min)
  2. Overview of NRIs activities in 2020: NRIs growth and substantive focus (5 min)
  3. Youth IGFs throughout 2020 and plans for 2021 (15 min)
  4. NRIs in the context of the IGF Mandate and the Secretary-General's Roadmap for Digital Cooperation
    • Role of the NRIs in the IGF Plus model (15 min)
    • NRIs engagement with governments (15 min)
    • NRIs engagement with parliamentarians (15 min)
    • NRIs observatory and other forms of supporting NRIs visibility (15 min)
  5.  AoB (Accessibility Survey) (5 min)


The IGF-USA 2019 will be held on July 25, 2019 in Washington, DC. It will address some of the most pressing issues facing the Internet through multistakeholder and interdisciplinary dialogue. For more information, visit:

NRIs Meeting V


1.      Welcome and Introductions

2.      Feedback to the 2nd IGF2018 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

3.      Next steps: NRIs Main Session

4.      Nest Steps: NRIs Collaborative Sessions

5.      NRIs collaboration with BPF on AI, Big Data and IoT

6.      Reminder to NRIs-BPF on Cybersecurity Call (17 July)

7.      AoB

NRIs Virtual Meeting IV

The NRIs Virtual Meeting IV

- The meeting agenda should focus on the NRIs participation at the IGF 2018 annual meeting (main/joint session; collaborative sessions; with brief reflection to coordination session and booth).

- The NRIs Focal Point will quickly brief about her participation at the 11th EuroDIG meeting, and update on the status of the 2nd NRIs Publication.

- Link to register for the meeting is HERE.

NRIs Meeting II

Provisional agenda for the meeting is:

1.     Introductions

2.     IGF2018 1st Open Consultations&MAG Meeting: NRIs reflections (IGF Secretariat’s summary report to the NRIs) + Q&A

3.     NRIs mailing list: potentially creating new mailing list and a set of guidelines

4.     NRIs Joint/Main Session: submitting inputs to determine topic

5.     Status of the NRIs 2nd Publication (Secretariat’s update)

6.     NRIs updates

7.     AoB