PNAI Materials

The monthly online meetings are in the core of PNAI work. You can register to attend the meetings and browse through the presentations and meeting materials through below links. Invitations to the meetings are shared through the open PNAI mailing list.

The work on the PNAI report takes place in three drafting teams. To receive invitations to the drafting team meetings, please join the mailing lists: Interoperability in global AI governance, AI and gender/race, and, AI and environment.


    Upcoming PNAI meetings

      PNAI meeting 7 - Tuesday 26.9.2023 at 13:00-14:30 UTC


      Past PNAI meetings

      PNAI meeting 6 - 6.9.2023 

      PNAI meeting 5 - 15.8.2023 

      PNAI meeting 4 –  18.7.2023

      PNAI meeting 3 – 4.7.2023 

      PNAI meeting 2 – 22.6.2023 

      PNAI meeting 1 – 23.5.2023