IGF 2024 Dynamic Coalition Session Proposals Received

Below is the list of Dynamic Coalitions session proposals, received in a response to the IGF 2024 call for sessions. These proposals were cleared against the basic entry criteria of the IGF and are currently under detailed evaluation for possible inclusion in the IGF 2024 programme. It is expected that the final list of all accepted sessions will be announced shortly after the 2nd IGF 2024 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, 26-28 June.

Dynamic Coalition Title Note
IGF 2024 DC-OER Leveraging Learning with OER and AI
IGF 2024 DC-Environment Climate Catastrophe: Translating Awareness into Action
IGF 2024 DC-Environment AI & its Energy Demand: Environmental Implications of AI
IGF 2024 DC-BAS Blockchain Assurance for the Internet We Want and Can Trust
IGF 2024 DC-DigitalHealth Digital Health & Selfcare - Can we replace Doctors in PHCs
IGF 2024 DC-DAIG Data and AI Governance from the Global Majority

Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability

IGF 2024 DCAD Building Barrier-Free Emerging Technologies

Dynamic Coalition on Children's Rights in the the Digital Environment

IGF 2024 DCCOS Age assurance – Necessity, Opportunity or Privacy Intrusion?

Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity

IGF 2024 DC3 Cybersecurity in Community Networks: Securing the Commons

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

IGF 2024 DC-CIV Mutual Impact of AI on Core Internet Values

Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

IGF 2024 DC-DDHT AR VR Metaverse and the Medical Internet of Things

Dynamic Coalition on DNS Issues

IGF 2024 DC-DNSI Beyond Borders: NIS2's Impact on Global South

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

IGF 2024 DC-Gender Can we re-imagine conversation apps without moderators?

Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs

IGF 2024 DC-Jobs Internet: The Net Job Creator

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles

IGF 2024 IRPC Advancing Human Rights with the Global Digital Compact

Dynamic Coalition on Measuring Digital Inclusion

IGF 2024 DC-DigitalInclusion Gender transformative policy to advance digital inclusion

Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

IGF 2024 DCNN From Internet Openness to AI Openness

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

IGF 2024 DC-PAL Towards a more inclusive framework for the unconnected

Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

IGF 2024 DC-SIG The future of teaching Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

IGF 2024 DC-SIG The future of teaching Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy

IGF 2024 DC-SIDS SIDS Roundtable: Translating SIDS IGF Outputs into Actions

Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things

IGF 2024 DC-IoT Progressing Global Good Practice for the Internet of Things

Dynamic Coalition on the Interplanetary Internet (DC-Interplanetary)

IGF 2024 DC-Interplanetary Toward the Interplanetary Internet –the digital governance–

Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

IGF 2024 YCIG Future of Education and Work with advancing tech & internet