IGF 2022 received DC Session proposals

Below is the list of Dynamic Coalitions session proposals, received in a response to the IGF 2022 call for sessions. These proposals were cleared against the basic entry criteria of the IGF and are currently under detailed evaluation for possible inclusion in the IGF 2022 programme. It is expected that the final list of all accepted sessions will be announced shortly after the 2nd IGF 2022 Open Consultations and MAG Meeting, 6-8 July.

Dynamic Coalition Title Note
IGF 2022 IS3C General Meeting: Recommendations to Make the Internet More Secure and Safer
IGF 2023 DC-BAS Maturity models supporting trust in blockchain solutions
IGF 2022 DC-Environment Internet & the Environment: Beyond Connectivity

Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies

IGF 2022 DC-Blockchain: Model Law on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Dynamic Coalition on Children's Rights in the the Digital Environment

IGF 2022 DCCOS Translating data & laws into action for digital child rights

Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity

IGF 2022 DC3 Community networks as human rights enablers

Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

IGF 2022 DC-CIV DC-CIV: Geopolitical neutrality of the Global Internet

Dynamic Coalition on Data and Trust

IGF 2022 DC-DT Fact-checking the DNS: towards evidence-based policy-making

Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health Technologies

IGF 2022 DC-DDHT Community Connection to Ehealth, Telemedicine & MIoT

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

IGF 2022 DC-Gender: Who's Watching the Machines? New Tech, Gender, Race & Sexuality

Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs

IGF 2022 DC-Jobs Responsible Internet Usage

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles

IGF 2022 IRPC Access & participation as enablers of digital human rights

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality Indicators

IGF 2022 DC-IUI Strengthening digital ecosystems through shared principles

Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality

IGF 2022 DCNN Internet Openness Formula: Interoperability + Device + Net

Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility

IGF 2022 DCPR Platform responsibilities in times of conflict

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries

IGF 2022 DC-PAL Towards User-Centred Internet Governance

Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

IGF 2022 DC-SIG Role of Schools of IG in sustaining efforts to support SDGs

Dynamic Coalition on Small Island Developing States in the Internet Economy

IGF 2022 DC-SIDS A Global Platform for SIDS Collaboration: The 1st SIDS IGF

Dynamic Coalition on the Sustainability of Journalism and News Media

IGF 2022 DC-Sustainability Unbreaking the news: Media sustainability in the digital age

Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

IGF 2022 YCIG IGF 2022 YCIG DC Session: Road to future IGFs