IGF 2017 Workshops

All workshops included in the IGF 2017 programme are listed below.

The list is final and takes into consideration proposals which had been waitlisted, accepted with conditions, and asked to merge. 


4 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Roundtable: Are we running out of resources & bandwidth?
6 Collaborative Community Development Program Learn IG Promoting Youth on the Table
8 Open Source: Defending Freedoms in the Digital Future
12 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: An East-West Dialogue
14 Internet Governance 2017: Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital Trade
15 Learnings from Multistakeholder Collaborations in Cybersecurity Response and Capacity Building
17 Shaping a greener digital environment for all
31 Cybersecurity: Balancing security, openness, and privacy
32 Data Localization and Barriers to Crossborder Data Flows: Toward a Multi-Track Approach
33 From 'Fake News' to Internet Shutdowns: A Look at World Trends in Freedom of Expression Online
34 A Digital Geneva Convention to protect cyberspace
37 Tackling gender divides: ICT and women’s economic empowerment
38 International cooperation between CERTS: technical diplomacy for cybersecurity?
39 Critical issues in improving cyber security incident response
42 Internet of Things for Smart City: Green and Sustainability
48 The Future of Internet Identifiers: How the DNS will Function in a Smart Cyberspace?
49 Digital inclusion for women: Scaling up our efforts
50 “Data is the New Oil”: Shaping the Digital Economy of MENA
53 Multi-stakeholder consultation on defining Internet Universality indicators
54 Universal Design and Creating an Accessible Global Digital Future
57 A Playbook for Gender Equality: How to Harness the Power of Digital Media & Emerging Tech
58 Internet Inclusion Solutions: Shaping the Digital Future
60 The Future of Work: Is the Gig Economy Working for Developing Countries?
61 Between a rock and a hard place?: Identifying encryption policies that are human rights respecting
67 Content Regulation and Private Ordering at Internet Governance Institutions
68 Fake News, AI Trolls & Disinformation: How Can the Internet Community Deal with Poison in the System
69 A Net of Rights: Human Rights Impact Assessments for the Future of the Internet
71 How devices, content & innovative business models shape our digital future: creativity with purpose
75 Internet + Big Data Governance for Poverty Alleviation and Environment
76 Multistakeholder governance of the Domain Name System, lessons learned for other IG issues
85 Online Safety or Safeguarding Dystopia–Is Keeping Children 'Safe' Online Eroding Their Rights?
90 Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in a Digital Future: Where Do Youth Stand?
91 Policy Challenges for AI Development
93 Me, Myself and AI: Social and Economic Considerations of Artificial Intelligence
99 Is there a place for civility in our digital future?
100 Bridging digital divides through cybersecurity capacity building
102 Redefining Rights for a Gender Inclusive Networked Future
107 Out of my Hands?
109 How Counter Narratives can help Pluralistic Democracy to florish online
111 Financing and building sustainable community networks - the Coolab experience
113 Emerging challenges for data protection in Latin American countries
117 Internet Shutdowns taking a toll on Africa’s internet economy
118 Towards an Inclusive Cybersecurity Capacity Building Approach
120 Getting threats under control: best practices to notify data breaches
123 Internet of Things and Cyber Security: Will “Regulation” Save the day?
128 The future of Internet governance: submarine cables and global inter-connectivity
129 Making artificial intelligence (AI) work for equity and social justice
130 How does social media shape our minds?
133 Governance Innovation in the Age of Sharing Economy
134 Fakenews and possible solutions to access information, discussion led by Young IGF
137 Trust and trade across borders: shaping future international e-commerce from developing countries
141 Equipping populations with the skills to shape and secure their digital future
145 The Internet of Things and accessibility for people with disability
147 Beyond the next gig: Unpacking development, rights and economic futures in the age of platforms
149 Crime and jurisdiction in cyberspace: towards solutions
150 Good governance with governments: Getting governments involved in internet governance
151 E-commerce: Good or bad for development?
152 Online freedom for all = No unfreedom for women  How do we solve this equation?
154 The Distributed Denial of Democracy: Threats to Democratic Processes Online
157 What digital future for vulnerable people?
160 Policy and technology approaches for expanding broadband to rural and remote areas
161 Explaining Internet governance to friends & family 101: How to improve our communication?
164 Terrorism: freedom v security?
166 Combating Online Violence Against Politically-Active Women
167 Internet Governance in times of the Digital Economy
168 The Role of  Internet Governance Content in Shaping our Digital Futures
178 Assessing implications of Internet Shutdowns according to Internet Governance Principles
180 Body as Data: Dataveillance, the Informatisation of the Body and Citizenship
182 What are future scenarios for the global cooperation in cybersecurity field?
184 Surveillance from the Margins
186 Data governance and policy: Developing a curriculum
188 Let the people speak: using evidence from the Global South to reshape our digital future
191 Public Policies to deploy IPV6 in developing countries. Successful International Experiences
192 The Government Hacks Back - Chaos or Security? A Debate
193 Youth Engagement in Internet Governance Ecosystem: Current Scenario, Controversies and Future Action
197 Fighting Fake News, Protecting Free Speech: Global Perspectives on Combatting Online Misinformation
200 Two Networks Will Shape Your Digital Future
201 State-led interference in encrypted systems: a public debate on different policy approaches
202 Internet of Things : Supportive Role of Smart Solutions in the Decision Making Process
203 A missed link on trade negotiations, multilingualism and multiculturalism in a digital era.
209 Legal challenges in cloud forensics and cross-border criminal and counterterrorism investigations
212 Navigating gender and youth challenges: telling stories about women, technology and creation
214 How can we limit the negative impact of Carrier Grade NAT technologies and boost IPv6 adoption?
215 Selective Persecution and the Mob: Hate and religion online
227 Addressing gender violence on the Internet through strategic litigation
230 Youth participation in Internet Governance
238 Local Content: an opportunity for underserved regions
241 Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion
245 Datafication and Social Justice: What challenges for Internet Governance?
248 Virtual Reality is the next computing platform for development: challenges and opportunities
250 The Dark Side of Internet Policy:How flawed policy can lead to censorship,surveillance and shutdowns
251 Fast Tracking Digital Dividends for Women in CASA
256 What´s going at the ITU, how it affects Internet Governance, and why you should probably care
261 CyberBRICS: Building the Next Generation Internet, STEP by Step
282 Biometrics and identity in the Global South
290 Synthesis Document - A Collective Output Shaping the Future of IGF & NRIs: An Experience from APrIGF
291 Council of Europe: Introducing the Updated Internet Literacy Handbook
301 Fake news, Content Regulation and Platformization of the Web: A Global South Perspective
303 Artificial Intelligence in Asia: What's Similar, What's Different? Findings from our AI workshops